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  • The Rag Rugs are handwoven in my Toronto studio using cotton warp and repurposed fabrics, helping to cut down on textile waste. The warp threads in this series are divided into sections of ivory, indigo blue, and a sliver of eye-catching orange. The overall effect is geometric and modern -- the sturdy rug adds warmth to kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms.

    Blues Rag Rug

    • The rug measures approximately 61 x 92 cm (24" x 36") without fringe, utilizes a variety of blue toned fabrics, a bright teal cotton 1cm (.25") hem, and is gently rolled to ship. 

    • The Rag Rugs can be handwashed in cool water with a no-rinse soap (like Soak or Eucalan). Simply fill a bathtub or large basin with water, swirl no-rinse soap, and soak rug for 30 min. The rug can be agitated or swished lightly. Hang or lay flat outside to dry.