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Hey! I’m Carmen and Nomadic Character is my tiny company of one where I explore the daily practice of making things by hand. I sell textiles and wearables in my shop, I teach workshops and private classes in the Toronto area, and I try my best to document the journey with self-deprecation here, and here.


I learned to knit at a very young age, sew in my early high school days, spin yarn in my teens (you might have a sense of how popular I was), and weave in my twenties. Finding these crafts has been a revelation, and it’s in the tactile, satisfying nature of them that I’ve found the most rewarding form of therapy.


Each day when I set to work in my studio I make a meditative, focused effort to create functional art that can connect people, places, and time. In sewing a garment with care, or weaving a durable rug, I aim to commemorate small moments of joy and beauty -- my hope is that these items will give pause and meaning to the noise of everyday life.


As textile pollution and unsustainable fibre processing become rising issues that are severely, negatively impacting our global environment, it's clear we need to change the ways we make and buy textiles. In every decision something is lost and something is gained -- by industrializing/outsourcing textile production, we've gained convenience and perceived value, but we've lost quality, humane treatment of workers, and vital necesseties like clean oceans.


There is no singular solution, but buying less, choosing natural and recycled materials, and mending when possible are a good place to start. Supporting small makers and companies that make ethical choices helps to fuel a movement towards thoughtful consumption.

I'm committed to using natural fibres (local Canadian wool), organic fabrics (cotton and hemp), and recycled/vintage materials as a majority. Each item sold in my shop comes with a list of materials, so you can trace each element in its construction.